DOUBL3R - Bitcoin Doubler

Minimum Deposit: 0.001 BTC | Maximum Deposit: 100 BTC

Double your bitcoins in just 100 hours!

DOUBL3R is the authentic, safe and reliable high performance program based on the BlockChain technology and powered by BlockTrail.
10% referral commission for partners!

Start Time


When the project was started

Total Deposits


BTC deposited by investors

Total Payouts

BTC paid to investors

Transparent Transactions

We provide transparent and automatic payments to our customers and partners. We are focused on maintaining a high performance service, excellent quality with total security, transparency and satisfaction for our customers and partners.
You can use an access token to retrieve the full informations of an investment. An access token is provided for each new investment form submitted.


Fill in Email and Bitcoin address

It is very easy to use DOUBL3R to double your bitcoins, just enter an email address and a Bitcoin address where to receive profits.


Make a deposit

Send the amount of bitcoins you want to deposit to the unique Bitcoin address generated for you. This process is automatic and secure.


Wait for 100 hours

Just wait for the expiration of time after the first confirmation of transaction. The payment will be automatically performed to your Bitcoin address.